I miss my dog. Fuck you spca seriously. Take away animals that need to be saved. I miss my dogs so much. My older one is probably dead now, he was with us since birth and has never been alone. And it sickens me how we only got our cats back because no one gives 2 shits about them. Money grabbing fuck heads. They haven’t even stopped by to check up on them to see if they or okay and doing well, like they are supposed to especially if our house is so “unworthy”. SPCA should learn to investigate rather than go off the words of 1 person. And they should have fucking given us a chance to get them back, we didn’t even get to write letters or anything, we were left in the dark till it suited them best. I want to go to the #news so badly but my mom with her Parkinson’s doesn’t want that stress due to not wanting to be judged AGAIN by the #SPCA when they walked into our house as if we were criminals. All our animals had human contact, and that ” no food” thing is also bullshit, did ya like that big bag of dog food you fuck heads tripped over in November of 2013 in Mission, BC? And those noises my cat was making were cause by YOU not us. We have never heard that before. And fuck you on judging us on that bump under her lip, she did that herself, she bites her lip accidently sometimes and you fucks proved it.

That’s my rant for today. I had to get it out I really miss MY #DOG and my brothers #cat does too. This cat looked around the house for days for my dog when he got back from a place in Chilliwack, it was sad and so was he.

#animallove #misshim #adorable #love